ONEST- Focus Areas

ONEST will primarily focus on enabling equitable opportunities for education, upskilling & jobs under the following four key categories,

Learning Experiences: Content, Courses, Training

ONEST facilitates skilling and upskilling by onboarding education providers and consumers, enabling the broadcast and discovery of courses, content, and training opportunities. It fosters healthy competition, drives innovation, and bridges supply-demand gaps, empowering individuals, organizations, and the Government to address challenges in the competitive job ecosystem effectively.

Financial Aid: Scholarship, Grants, CSR

ONEST aims to combat high dropout rates in school and higher education caused by economic factors by collaborating with multilateral and not-for-profit organizations to provide financial aid, scholarships, and grants. By offering a unified user experience, ONEST will enable students and professionals to discover and track their applications for financial support, increasing youth employability and improving job prospects in India. This multifaceted strategy involves schools, educators, families, communities, legislators, and various organizations to address the concerns surrounding dropout rates effectively.

Work Opportunities: Internship, Jobs, Gigs

ONEST will forge partnerships with large employment organizations, job portals, and employment agencies to connect job seekers with potential employers, facilitating the discovery of relevant internships and job opportunities for students and professionals. Additionally, it will cater to gig workers, offering them a means to explore project-based or short-term work, addressing the challenge of irregular and unpredictable income by providing a centralized gig discovery platform.

Expert Connect: Mentorship, Volunteering, and Tutoring

ONEST will connect learners with experienced mentors, coaches, and tutors, enabling personalized mentorship, coaching, and tutoring based on individual career goals. Utilizing algorithms for suitable mentor matches and a transaction fabric for discovery, booking, and feedback, it can accelerate career paths, guiding learners towards better professional decisions and growth.

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