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Understanding the APIs


ONEST Protocol layered architecture is illustrated as shown in the diagram below. The base layer refers to the Beckn Protocol, which is an open source decentralized protocol. Over the base layer, the network extension layer comprises the API contracts customized to the ONEST context, along with other specs that have been adopted in order to facilitate transactions in the network.
Here is an overview to help you visualize the mapping between transactional flow and the APIs as part of ONEST protocol.
Refer to Beckn Protocol Specification for more details about the APIs.


Below is the example usage of protocol APIs in ONEST Learning Experiences Domain.
Search API
Discover the courses
On Search API
Returns the course catalogue
Select API
Select the course and get quote
On Select API
Returns the complete course details along with quote
Init API
Initialize the course subscription
On Init API
Send order details with payment terms
Confirm API
Confirm the course subscription
On Confirm API
Send course content details (like video player, PDF etc)
Status API
Request the course consumption status
On Status API
Returns the course consumption status
Rating API
Provide rating for the course, course provider etc
On Rating API
Acknowledge rating
Refer to Reference Implementation Guidesto understand APIs usage in other ONEST domains (Learning Experience, Financial Support, Work Opportunities and Expert Connect).


ONEST network is an implementation of the DSEP protocol, which is based on the Beckn protocol.
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