Chapter 3: DSEP Overview

  1. DSEP is an adaptation of Beckn Protocol for the skilling and education sector.

  2. It enables creation of public digital infrastructure such as ONEST, that can connect education, skilling, job and scholarship consumer platform (user facing) to the education skilling, job and scholarship provider platform (service provider facing) platform through standard, interoperable APIs.

  3. A DSEP lifecycle has FOUR stages - Discovery, Ordering, Fulfillment and Post-Fulfillment.

  4. Every stage in the DSEP lifecycle has one or more APIs to be implemented, that is, Discovery stage will have Search API; Ordering stage will have Select and Init APIs; Fulfillment will have Confirm and Status API; and Post-Fulfillment stage will have Status, Update, Rating APIs to be implemented (more in Chapter 5).

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