Who can join the network?

It is an open network. We welcome all stakeholders involved in the education and skilling sector, including individuals and organizations committed to advancing learning and livelihood opportunities, to join this dynamic network.

How do I choose my role in the network?

You have the flexibility to choose one of the aforementioned roles or even assume more than one role within the network, enabling you to actively engage in and benefit from the diverse opportunities provided by the network.

Provider Platform: If you aspire to broaden the reach of the training, scholarships, jobs, and mentorship opportunities you offer, we invite you to join the network as a Provider Platform. Provider: If you’d like to be onboarded on an existing provider platform as one of the providers of the training, scholarships, jobs, and mentorship opportunities, we invite you to join the network as a Provider Platform.

Seeker Platform: If you seek to explore the vast array of training, scholarships, jobs, and mentorship opportunities available within the network, we encourage you to join as a Seeker Platform. Seeker: If you’d like to consume the information made available by the ONEST network through any of the seeker platforms, you can join as a seeker.

Network Service Provider: If you choose to enable other organizations to join this network through your technology, business or onboarding services, this role will suit you the best.

Who will benefit from ONEST?

ONEST is a multi-dimensional ecosystem touching all the aspects of education, skilling, and employment in India. It will promote and facilitate synergies and public-private partnerships enabling a holistic human development ecosystem.

Is it possible to join the network without any technological expertise or know how?

Ofcourse, we have several Network Service Providers who can help you join the network. Drop an email to hello@onest.network to find out more information about this.

What are the network policies for ONEST?

They are being drafted at the moment simultaneously as the ecosystem starts integrating with the network.

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