Core Principles

The ONEST architecture is based on three core principles,

  • Access - ONEST will leverage DSEP protocols to enable discovery and access to education, upskilling, and job opportunities irrespective of financial or geographical status thus enabling equitable distribution. It will not only facilitate discovery but an end-to-end workflow discovery-ordering-fulfilment-post fulfilment on the network between provider and consumer platforms.

  • Trust - The trust layer will be powered by digitally verifiable credentials (VCs) & electronic registries. VC issuance, thus, can be made available as a service for service provider platforms to issue verifiable education, training, and work certificates & licences to augment trust in the education and job ecosystem. The verifiable certificates will help the students, professionals and employers to fast-track hiring and background checks with enhanced credibility.

  • Ownership - ONEST will enable a consumer-centered ecosystem, where the end consumer (student, professional, organization) can store their VCs in their choice of digital wallet. ONEST will leverage existing consent and data exchange architecture under the data protection framework. The digital wallet can also be linked to a student’s ID to facilitate government sponsorships and scholarship programs.

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