Chapter 6: DSEP Schema

  1. Schemas are similar to the Beckn Protocol Schema but their interpretation is based on the use-case or sector.

  2. A typical structure of the API call is the context and message.

  3. Context contains contextual information like domain category codes (As per DSEP domains), protocol version, location, registered ID of the BAP, BAP callback URL, register ID of the BPP, the BPP callback URL , timestamp of generating the request and TTL of the request.

  4. The message contains the business logic.

  5. The DSEP schema (similar to the Beckn schema) contains Item, Provider, Fulfillment, Location and Order - these need to be interpreted basis the sector. Watch video for interpretation.

  6. The Order schema in the context of education contains Order ID, Items, Provider, Status, Fulfillment terms and Cancellation Terms - these need to be interpreted based on the DSEP domain sought after. Watch video for interpretation.

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