• What is webhook URL in config?

Ans: It is the endpoint of BAP/BPP internal System API (POST), to which protocol server will send the API payload.

  • Does the protocol server append the API action as a path to the webhook URL when it invokes the same?

Ans: No

  • What should be done if a participant want to be on multiple domains (learning-experiences / work-opportunities / financial-support / expert-connect) and/or multiple roles (seeker/provider)?

Ans: A Protocol Server with same role will work for multiple domains. Register with same participant ID in required domains and use the same in protocol server configuration.

  • How does network server and client server connects together?

Ans: Network and client server communicates through RabbitMQ.

  • Can we use other than default ports for Network and Client server?

Ans: Yes, can be changed in the default.yml file.

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