Seeker Registration

If you seek to explore the vast array of training, scholarships, jobs, and mentorship opportunities available within the network, we encourage you to join as a Seeker Platform. Seeker: If you’d like to consume the information made available by the ONEST network through any of the seeker platforms, you can join as a seeker.

Here are the steps to onboard yourself on the Sandbox

  1. Seeker logs in to Sandbox.

  2. In the network participant tab, click on ‘Add new NP’ button.

  1. Submit domain name (Provide the domain name you wish to register as a network participant, for example,

  1. The form will have sections to be filled viz., 1. Basic Details 2. Certificate 3. Network Participant

  1. In Basic detail seeker needs to fill the following fields:

a. Name (authorized signatory)

b. Email address (pre-filled)

c. Mobile number

d.Callback URL

  1. In Certificate seeker needs to fill following fields:

a. Public key

b. Encryption public key

c. Valid from (calendar selection) Public key and Encryption public key valid from date

d. Valid upto (calendar selection) Public key and Encryption public key valid upto date

  1. In Network Participant seeker needs to fill following fields:

a. Registration Type (drop-down) The given field will be BAP for seeker.

b. Subscriber URL (The specified endpoint where you expect to receive responses from provider. For instance, if your URL is, the /test-bap-api will be your subscriber URL.)

c. Domain (drop-down) Drop list will have given options :

  1. -ONEST - Work Opportunities

  2. -ONEST - Financial Support

  3. -ONEST - Learning Experiences

  4. -ONEST - Expert Connect

d. City Code (Optional) (Enter * for all cities, for specific city input the city code using numerical values only, such as the city code for Bangalore, which is 080.)

  1. Submit, congrats your are onboarded as seeker

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