ONEST Protocol Specifications Working Group

The working group is dedicated to improving the efficiency, reliability, and usability of the ONEST network protocols. By fostering open discussion, sharing best practices, and addressing challenges, the group endeavours to drive continuous innovation and evolution of the network ecosystem. We welcome all network participants and volunteers to contribute and shape the future of the protocol! ONEST Specification GitHub Repository Link

We will be conducting weekly calls to start this off, and would broadly be going over the following:

Network specifications:

  • Implementing new use cases

  • Reimagining any existing use cases if required

  • Standardising

    • Tags

    • ENUMs

    • Form inputs

    • Error codes

  • Setting mandatory fields

  • Announce roll out of new guidelines or specifications


  • Identify and close any gaps in the implementation guide

  • Identify and close any gaps in the schema definitions

  • Identify and create any other documentation that can help the community


  • Identify events/metrics that can help the network

  • Identify metrics to track network health and call out any red flags

General discussions:

  • Exchange best practices for the network

  • Showcase new concepts or development

Collaborative projects & opportunities to contribute:

  • Get a chance to collaborate on interesting new projects as a community

We look forward to active participation from the entire community. Apart from volunteers, we request all network participants to have at least one SPOC attend the calls. This SPOC will be required to understand their organisation’s business processes and offer insights on improving the network with new cases. They can raise any difficulties faced while implementing the protocol and report any bugs, contribute to specifications, and assist others in implementing the protocol.

We look forward to seeing all you in the working group calls!! Register here to get invited for the working group calls.

Please share any comments or queries at the GitHub discussion here. We will be updating the recordings/minutes of the working group meetings there as well.

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