Win Room Zero | 14-15 Sep, 2023

"Win Room" is a high-energy space to bring together passionate teams for achieving specific outcomes to bring ONEST to life. Each participant of the Win room commits to completing the mutually agreed objectives. It's where all participants walk-out winning. Participants go home having fully understood what it takes to execute transactions on ONEST. Scale obstacles using collaborative approach, leverage and contribute to each others' success.

Win Room 0 | 14-15 Sept, 2023 | Bangalore

Pioneer the birth of ONEST

For Win Room Zero, the objectives are:

  1. Network participants complete at least one round trip transaction on ONEST between participating platforms

  2. Nature of transaction:

    1. Domain: Learning Experiences - Educational videos and course content

      Parameters: Free, Online, Learn at Your Own Pace - No Batching/calendar blocking

  3. Aim to complete at least from Search up to Confirmation (ON_CONFIRM)

End-to-end Transaction flow


  1. Publish Search intent (from seeker app)

  2. Respond with catalogue matching search intent (from Provider app)


  1. Item selection (from Seeker app)

  2. Quote generation (from Provider app - quote will be zero in this case)

  3. Order Initiation (from Seeker app)

  4. Publish Terms & Conditions for the order (from Provider app)

  5. Confirm order (from Seeker app)

  6. Order confirmation (from Provider app)


  1. Request status of Course completion (from Seeker app)

  2. Provide latest status/completion quantum (from provider app)

  3. Share completion Certificate (from Provider app)


  1. Provide Rating (from Seeker app)

  2. Acknowledge receipt of rating (from Provider app)

  3. Search for support (from Seeker app)

  4. Provide support details (email, ph number, etc.) (from provider app)

Characteristics of Win Room participants

Think of this as a self-selection guide

  1. Be present in-person

  2. Bring the Team:

    1. [Minimum] Backend / Frontend Developers + Architect +

    2. [Online/Optional] QA + Deployment + Tech Support (not a sales environment, engg. activities only/hackathon mode)

  3. For Providers, have your platforms ready. For example, prepare your catalogues (Courses, Content, ...), implement the protocol specifications, develop the necessary functionalities to enable the network workflows, and so on.

  4. Cloud infrastructure provisioned for development and deployment strategies in-place

  5. Product features and UI/UX workflows designed (wherever applicable)

  6. Post the Win Room: Continue to improve and scale the ideas that took shape in the Win Room, and commit to launch on production

Contact hello[at]onest[dot]network for further details or to nominate your/any organization.

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